Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Nairobi - Day 2

When we woke today it was raining. Really raining. Which meant we had to think of something indoorsy to do.
We caught a taxi to The Village Market - the photo below was not taken by me. I thought about getting one but was more interested in trying to stay dry.
Friends in Arusha had told us about Planet Yogurt and it was high on the list of things to try.

There were all sort of strange combinations of flavours put together by the younger members of the family.
I felt my choice was far more sophisticated. However next time I would just stick to two flavours.
The salted caramel was divine.

The kids went crazy with the toppings.

Even though it was bucketing down, Oliver spent about an hour (by himself) on the water slides at the shopping centre.

As we arrived home in the afternoon the rain cleared for a while and the playground in the guest house grounds was found.

We quite like the number of the unit in which we are staying.
Above is a view from the taxi on our way home. Down this stretch of road there were sellers of all sorts of things walking in and out of the traffic - flowers, newspapers, crafts and food. Andrew engaged one in conversation and ended up buying an 80cm high wire Christmas tree which was passed through the window, much to the amusement of the taxi driver. It is rather nice, but who is going to carry it on the bus back to Arusha??

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