Monday, December 17, 2012

Journey to Nairobi

Today we drove by shuttle bus to Nairobi, Kenya.
The trip was quite pleasant, and I was especially pleased we didn't have to navigate our way into Nairobi.
Below: it was great seeing another side of Mt Meru, and the landscape was so green after the rain we have had.

Below: heading towards Longido

Above: Namunga (the town on the Tanzanian/Kenyan border) was lined with trucks waiting to cross over the border.
Below: we made a rest stop just on the other side of the border crossing at the Paradise Gallery - certainly paradise if you were looking for a carving or a batik.

Below: one of my favourite views driving into Nairobi.

Below: the last time I was in Nairobi was over 20 years ago. The city has now sprawled out for kilometres.

After we found the guest house and dropped our bags off we headed straight to the Junction, a popular shopping mall. Andrew and I were amazed at how excited the kids were as they walked into the air conditioned centre and looked at the row of stores.
We ate lunch at Java House - another great excitement - and then shopped for a couple of hours; me with my phone out converting the Kenyan shillings back into Tanzanian shillings and Australian dollars to determine whether to purchase or not.

Nairobi has a large chain of Nakumatt stores that are very similar to K-Mart back home in Australia. There was all sorts of things for sale that are impossible to buy in Tanzania. I was very excited to find some drain clearing chemical - hopefully the answer to our ever-blocked sinks back in Arusha. And I bought myself some Havaianas there too (thanks for the Christmas money Philly & Brad).

Oliver found a book shop that had a big display of Tintin books and bought himself 3 (thanks to various family members for birthday money).

While we were shopping we ran into some Australians we vaguely knew from Sydney. What are the chances!?!

After dinner we caught a taxi back to the guest house, and have been half watching some dreadful Kenyan television. I think we left it on because it is such a novelty to have it.

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