Thursday, December 13, 2012

Falco's Children's Home

Today we visited an orphanage and home for abandoned children in Arusha. It is owned and run by an American couple we have met at church, Tammy and Jerry. Tammy named the home after her father who passed away whilst working in Africa (in the Congo I believe).
The children are trusted to the home's care by local social workers and the police. Some come from homes where they have suffered from abuse, or their parents have died due to AIDS related illnesses.

We took the children some lollipops (thanks Sanford) which were very popular.
Below in pink is Zawadi. She was very keen to be picked up and cuddled and spent most of her time on one of our hips.

There were quite a few family groups of children living at the home, and it was so lovely to see the way the older children cared for the babies and toddlers.

Another couple of children who were very affectionate were Sabrina and Saba. They are both seen here below (along with Zawadi), taking turns to have their photo taken. You can see that one took a liking to my hair in the bottom photo, and I found it being patted and stroked.

Below is Junior. He is one of a triplet, his sister Janet on the tricycle to the right, with Brian pushing her around the grounds.

The children sang for us some songs they have been practising for Christmas Day. Tammy (below left) is holding a Christmas lunch for the community - she thinks she has about 150 people coming.

We had such a lovely visit with the children. They were all so openly affectionate and obviously enjoyed our company for the short time we were there.

Tammy and Jerry have plans to build a village to house orphans and abandoned children in Karatu which not only include homes, but schools, a self sustaining farm, a medical clinic, and jobs for many of the local people.

I know some of my friends and family have been asking about Moses. He is being adopted by Tammy and Jerry, and is living with them in their private home now.


  1. Lovely photos, what a wonderful place & the kids are gorgeous. What an amazing job Tammy & Jerry are doing! :)

  2. Hi, I found this post by doing a google search of Falcos Childrens Home, I would love to hear more about your experiences as my husband and I are going to help Jerry and Tammy this May for 2 weeks and are looking into adopting a baby from there. please if you wouldn't mind contact me at