Thursday, December 13, 2012

Cultural Heritage Centre

Yesterday we visited the Cultural Heritage Centre in Arusha, a place we have driven past many times but have not stopped at before.
It rather an imposing structure inspired by the shape of a drum, spear and shield. And, like many places in Arusha, once you are inside the gallery you could be anywhere in the world with the dust and daladalas behind you.

The grounds are filled with carvings and models pertaining to Tanzania's history, its tribes and wildlife.

I really enjoyed the gallery. It is filled with paintings, photographs, carvings, sculptures and antiques from all over Africa - a magnificent collection.

We had a quick look around outside at some of the traditional housing and models. I was keen to spend some time looking through the shops but was out voted. Maybe I'll take Colleen when she comes to visit in January...

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