Friday, December 14, 2012

Batman and Robin

Not only do I find lots of random photos of my children on my phone, there are also lots of photos of cats (taken by said children). Those felines happen to be Batman and Robin, our two house guests whilst Stephanie and AB are back in Australia.
Now we are not cat people.
We like dogs.
Over the past 2 months they have grown in our affection. I even made a passing remark last week: maybe we could get our own cat when we return to Australia. However the unanimous answer to that was no!
We have also begun to laugh at silly cat photos on Face book.
Here are some things I have learnt about (these) cats:
* they will sleep anywhere, especially if it is a place that holds clean clothing - inside the wardrobes, on piles of folded washing,
* they prefer the expensive brand of food (Whiskers, Pampers etc.) - don't bother opening that no-name tin,
* they carry out their most intensive sessions of personal grooming at around 4am... on the end of an occupied bed,
* they are little Houdinis, managing to break into the house even if we think we have shut all the windows,
* they like to bring dead offerings into the house - usually very pretty looking birds,
* they are creatures of habit/routine - they insist on being fed at 6am when my alarm goes off (unfortunately a habit that has continued despite the fact the alarm is now disabled due to holidays),
* they only want to be patted when they want to be patted, and
* they purr very loudly. Chainsaw loudly. Especially during any movie watching.
Below: Batman
Below: Robin

Here is somethings I have learnt about looking after cats in Arusha:
* the preferred brand of cat food is often hard to come by - buy it when you see it!!


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