Sunday, December 2, 2012

Arusha Christmas Fair

Yesterday I enjoyed a day at the annual Arusha Christmas Fair.
Lauren was performing with her school dance group at lunch time.

Below: I saw Joyce and Serena at the Station's stall.

Above: Maddie and I saw these Guinea Fowl and thought of you Philly.
Below: I bought the painting (do I have enough wall space?) pictured below with the artist.

Above: I think I need a trailer like this one.
Below: Enjoying pizza and Khans BBQ chicken for lunch.

Below: Santa came on horseback. Santa broke all the norms by being a woman and sporting blonde dreadlocks.

Above: As you can see from the middle photo, Oliver was quite dubious about Santa.

I bought some great local craft items, and spoke to a lot of new and interesting people. Below are two of the stalls I bought products in:

And I picked up a pamphlet about an organisation who is trying to improve the treatment of animals in the Arusha/Meru area, particularly dogs and donkeys. We find the state of the dogs wandering around Arusha distressing, so was interested to see that there is an organisation devoted to their welfare.



  1. I love Oliver's face in that photos and that Santa is awesome!!! I'd love to see what would happen if they tried that here.

  2. What lovely photos! and I especially loved the ones of Lauren & the one of her dancing, she was amazing : )
    So good that you can go to a Christmas fair, there's so many of them happening here in Sydney.
    Missing you guys coming up to Christmas & hoping that the presents for the kids have started arriving?