Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Scenes from the school house this week

Our largest tree in the backyard - we discovered that it is crawling with termites this week :(
There was much laughter about the poor fundi in the rainwater tank cleaning it out... in complete darkness.
 Our lovely nativity scenes.
 We have been playing Christmas tree bingo.
On a Friday afternoon we are opening up the school to provide support for those families in Arusha who are home schooling. They are able to come and talk about educational and to borrow resources that we may have, and it is a chance for the children to socialise in a school setting.
There are a lot of home schooled children in Arusha whose parents are working here in all sorts of roles, but the cost of sending them to a school offering an (English speaking) international curriculum is too high.


  1. Hello Jenny. I would like to send you a present. We have some friends from Arusha who will be visiting us this month, and they can carry it back to TZ. What number should they reach you on? You can respond by email to me at phmerrill at gmail dot com.