Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Scenes from the school house this week

We have been talking about floating and sinking for science, and then trying to make plasticine boats that will float and hold marbles.
 Pendo then taught the students how to play marbles Tanzanian style.
 The rain came on Thursday and the soil changed to a dark chocolate colour.
New growth has appeared everywhere. Below: the jacaranda seeds that have been lying around are beginning to germinate.
 And look Stephanie (below), the grass seeds your dad sent are beginning to sprout.

The streams of water have also caused deep erosion gullies.
And I finished painting one of the bathrooms in the school house.


  1. The school looks amazing! and it must be so nice to see things begin to grow around the place : )

  2. Great to see new growth & I love your fabulous flamingo bathroom!