Monday, November 19, 2012


or moving road blocks.

If you have ever driven through Arusha you will have encountered a mkokoteni (a person pulled cart). They are quite a hazard. They tend to take up half a lane, blocking traffic or causing impatient drivers to do crazy things to pass them.
However, I admire the strength and endurance of the men who negotiate them around the city, delivering impossibly heavy loads.

A mkokoteni costs about 2000Tsh ($1.50) to hire. And apparently they are all registered with their own number (although I'm not sure who would keep a check on such a statistic).

Today Danieli and David (one of the guards from the school house) hired one to collect bags of chicken poo (mbolea) for the school's front yard.

I of course was keen to get a photo of one close up, and Danieli was keen to jump on board and pose.


  1. Jenny,

    I visited Arusha for a week (it was my Mom's 70th and all my sisters and brother got together in Arusha) but had no way to reach you !

    Please stop by at The Station Arusha (Behind Kibo Palace Hotel) and collect the goodies I left for your students and some teaching aids for your school, together with a small gift for you.

    sanfordalmeida at gmail

  2. PS: I bought the Mchuzi mix and the passion fruit jams after reading about them on your blog !