Saturday, October 27, 2012

Tengeru markets

Today the girls and I visited Tengeru and went shopping in the Saturday markets with a friend, Holly.
Tengeru is about 20 minutes drive east of Arusha town, and the markets there are known to be a lot cheaper than those in Arusha.
We spent quite a bit of time fossicking through the 500Tsh (35 cent) piles of clothes, and came out with some bargains.
Most of the clothes are shipped from the United States. Bales of clothing are bought by someone, who then divides it and sells it on to others - down the line the clothing ends up in locals markets and street stalls.
Maddie managed to buy a brand new pair of high top converse sneakers for 25,000Tsh (about $16). She was very pleased.
It was a great experience, and I'll definitely make shopping with Holly a regular event (maybe sans the girls who just didn't have the staying power, especially as they were objects of great interest to the local young men at times).


  1. We had the same kind of bazaar in Pakistan - vivid memories of bras hanging up on coat hangers and great mounds of sweaters, sheets, shoes, jeans etc! Do the girls get hassled when they go out?

    1. I can imagine it would be just like in Pakistan. Yes, the girls do get hassled, especially when they wear somewhat inappropriate for East African markets type clothes out - we have had quite a few heated discussions about this.