Friday, October 26, 2012

Scenes from the school house this week

One of the shelves we bought when a local cafe was closing - I loved it because of its black and white tingatinga art. It now holds pencils, textas etc.
We take our laptop up to the schoolhouse each day for the children to use. Yes, Tux Paint is a favourite even here!
 Lots of phonics work.
We illustrated our first story book this week from a story Magdalena told the class - an African version of the Little Red Hen.
The children made njuga during a music lesson. These are bells or rattles worn around the ankles.
In Tanzania, like in many parts of Africa, the making and playing of musical instruments is almost exclusively associated with men who sing, dance and play whereas women sing and dance but only become typically involved when the instruments used are associated with the dance movements, for instance with njuga (leg bells).
We began swimming lessons this week at a local lodge. As you can see Andrew also doubled as pool attendant.
The second large underground rainwater tank is still taking shape.

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  1. it's amazing the transformation! I remember the first photos of you cleaning out the schoolhouse and painting it!