Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Passion fruit cordial

One of my memories of childhood is homemade cordial.
While I was shopping yesterday at a roadside fruit & vege stall, the stall owner offered me passion fruit (who could resist!).
I decided to teach the kids how to make cordial - I was only going on memory so we will still have to refine it to get the best flavour.
We used 2kg of passion fruit scooped out into a large saucepan, and then added 2 cups of sugar and 2 litres of water. We left it to simmer for 90 minutes so the pulp came away from the seeds.
We then scooped the pulp into a sieve and let the liquid drain through, stirring it occasionally to encourage the flow.
 You need to keep the cordial in the fridge... then use a small amount in a glass and add water!
Next time I would use less sugar as I thought the results were too sweet. I would probably also add some lemon juice to give it a little tartness.

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