Saturday, October 13, 2012

Condiments and views

I have discovered, after eating several brands of jam since being in Tanzania, that the Golden African Jelly is my favourite. Especially the passion fruit one. Yum!

The view from our roof this morning (this is what I was looking at as I spoke to you Heather). It looks peaceful, but there was a cacophony of noise. Children playing, roosters crowing, motorbikes driving past, herds of goats and cows moving down the road - all hidden behind the walls and gate. Shame I couldn't upload a sound track to go with the photo.

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  1. third time lucky! Lost my post twice...guess I should log into my blogger first! Oops!

    So my comment went something like this:
    I'm assuming you were on a balcony and not upon the rooftop when I called. You're right it does look peaceful, maybe you should upload a video sometime (that would be really cool). Great talking to you...missing you xx