Saturday, September 22, 2012

Visiting baby Michael

One of our askari (guards) is Yohanna. Recently his wife had a baby. Today we went to visit baby Michael and Yohanna's family.
Below: driving south along Mbauda Rd

Yohanna's house is a fair distance from us. He lives in Olasiti and rides his bike to and from Kwa Iddi each day.

It was a real privilege to spend some time in their home, and Yohanna's other children were so sweet.

We enjoyed cuddles with Michael. He is adorable.

Lauren, Oliver and William spent time playing with Yohanna's children and the children next door. There was soon a crowd of other children gathered to see the mzungus.

Ebenezer was excited to throw a rugby ball with them.

Joshua demonstrated a popular toy seen in Tanzania. His was made from the plastic lid of a bucket - a stick with a wire hook is used to guide/push the ring along.

Above: driving north along Mbauda Rd
Below: driving home along the Majengo Road at sunset

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