Thursday, September 27, 2012

St Paul's School

Today we visited the school we tried to see last week - St Paul's Nursery and Primary School. We arrived as the younger children were leaving for the day (lunch time). The older students from Year 1 up stay at school until 4pm.
Below you can see the school bell which we just loved.

We met with Mary, the school's principal. Below is her office.
She and some staff members were busy filling out forms for all the children who sat last week's examinations, recommending them to high schools in the area.

Mary gave us a tour of the school and we looked into each of the classrooms. As we entered each room the students would stand and salute us, chanting "welcome visitors", or if they had not noticed Andrew at the door, "welcome madams".

Andrew and I were extremely impressed by the standard of the work written on the blackboards. The Math in particular we thought was fairly advanced for the age of the students.

We are hoping to be able to come and help out at the school once a month or so, maybe teaching some English, or just having conversations with the students in English - all the students are encouraged to use it as much as possible and so would benefit from a native speaker to practise with (that is our hope anyway). We will have to be mindful of our Australian accents and speak slowly and clearly!!
We also hope to be able to support them by taking out some supplies occasionally. Today we took a big bag of coloured pencils, but neglected to take any sharpeners. Next time.

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