Thursday, September 20, 2012

Further up the slopes of the mountain

Today we went for a drive to look at a primary school.
Unfortunately we unable to go in and visit as the Standard VII examinations were being held (we did not realise this when we set out). Standard VII is the final year of primary school in Tanzania, and the Primary School Leaving Examination needs to be passed if a student is to attend a public secondary school.
However, the drive was lovely. A short distance north, just out of  Arusha town, further up the slopes of Mt Meru.
Some of the farming is carried out on such steep hillside slopes.
We noticed the corn had already been planted and was looking healthy. The fields around our house are just now being ploughed ready for planting when the rains arrive.

There were great views of Arusha as we drove back down the slopes. I forget how hilly it really is when driving around the township itself.

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