Sunday, September 2, 2012

Dedication of the school house

Yesterday we were going to have Bishop Stanley Hotay, and some visiting clergy from England come and look at the school house and have morning tea. Bishop Stanley helped Stephanie with the purchase of the house for the school.
A cake and some sodas were purchased. They were due to arrive at 11am.
A 10.30am a choir arrived!
Between 11.30 and 12 another choir arrived!!... along with some other pastors.
At 12.30pm a daladala and a couple of 4-wheel drives arrived full of people, including the Bishop and the English visitors.
All up there were over 100 people.
Paskalina and I very quickly went into action and began cooking.
More sodas and some chapatis were bought from the end of our street.

The Bishop and some of the other clergy prayed for the school after the choirs had sung.  
By the time we arrived home, after all the washing up and sweeping out grains of rice from the school room floors, it was after 3pm. 
What a 'morning tea'!!


  1. I'm so glad you took the videos, the music was too wonderful to have missed! Dedications African style is the best!

  2. Amazing dedication guys! Loved the videos of the choirs too...almost feel like we're there with you for it. You've done an amazing job getting the school up and going in a short space of time xx