Friday, August 24, 2012

The Station

After reading a comment left by a reader of my blog (from Texas no less!) Andrew & I went to find his sister and mum who have a business in Arusha, behind the Kibo Palace Hotel.
We found The Station - a bookshop, cafe, gift shop, and pet grooming & boarding business - and introduced ourselves to Serena and Joyce, and gave Joyce a big hug.

Sorry about the quality of the photo. It was taken quickly with my iPhone.
We enjoyed a cappuccino and muffin, and then some green chutney and curried chicken sandwiches, and bought some books for the school from their bookshop (they have a fantastic selection of books). And then went home with a delicious Goan beef and bean curry for dinner.
I know where we will be going to buy take away now!


  1. completely salivating over the green chutney and curried chicken sandwiches as well as the goan beef and bean curry!!! mmmmmmm

  2. Oh My! I look reallly freaky! Sweetie - you need to come back soon so we can do some nice pics and get some more goodies! XXX See you at the STATION soon!

    1. I definitely will come back soon.