Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Rubbish disposal is a real problem in Arusha. There is no organised plan of what to do with rubbish, and most of it is dumped on the side of the roads, or burnt.

Those of you who know Andrew, know that he loves to burn stuff.
So anything that is burnable gets burnt, any compost stuff gets buried, and anything else gets taken into Arusha in the back of some one's car once a week to a central garbage disposal spot.


  1. Burning is fun. Love a good burn. Enjoy Andrew

  2. words fail me. It's such a familiar sight and it's so frustrating. We saw it in Pakistan and then again in Fiji. You can have such beauty and such ugliness side by side.

  3. that would be referring to the photo of the tree and the rubbish beside it btw!! Just to clarify!!

  4. If Andrew saves it up he can have a big bonfire that can be seen from space.