Sunday, August 26, 2012


After church we ate lunch at the Empire Sports Bar in Arusha, and did some last minute shopping for the girls, who begin their new school tomorrow.
Unfortunately you can't quite make out some of the precious spelling on the blackboard menu behind me - beef with green papper, chicken with mashroom souce, and mangoe juice.

William had an early birthday party this afternoon with a few friends. He was given a fantastic new bike which Oliver is now coveting.

We walked up to the school house to show it to the Taylors (another Australian family living & working in Arusha).
Whilst walking home we were greeted by one of the herd of goats that is daily walked along our road.
Last Sunday evening Andrew went for a walk to investigate where some loud singing was coming from and he discovered a church very nearby. He was invited in to give a greeting. During the week the pastor rang him and asked him to speak today, and so this afternoon he returned to do so.

A very busy Sunday.


  1. That is wonderful! Am so excited about Andrew's ministry opportunity!

  2. Love the goats, the hilarious spelling and the impromptu preach!