Wednesday, August 15, 2012

School house update

Oliver has been helping to paint some of the cupboards we had made for the classroom.

And I have finished the shelves for our library.

Last week I managed to hang a very large whiteboard on a wall, and we bought what is called 'soft board' to make a notice board for another. We will have to employ a fundi to make a frame for it though as it is too soft to hold just by screwing it into the wall.

The grass is beginning to take in some areas, but there will be nothing like a lawn in time for school to start. The garden is looking good. Hopefully we will get some rain in October so it will flourish.

At the moment I am going through all the boxes of equipment and books we have collected, finding places to store it.

I'll take some more photos later this week.


  1. How are those white sneakers holding up Jen?

  2. Jenny- greetings from Houston! Enjoyed reading your blog on the labor of love...
    My mum and sis moved to Arusha recently and started a used bookstore/coffeeshop
    called The Station, behind Kibo Palace hotel. If you find yourself there, give my
    Mommy a hug for me !

    1. Jenny - thanks for stopping by - my mum was ecstatic !!!