Saturday, August 4, 2012

Saturday with Cath

We collected Cath, our first visitor from home only 1 month into our time in Africa, from Kilimanjaro International Airport last night.
Cath came to spend the weekend with us on her way to Uganda to look at some Compassion projects.

This morning we drove into Arusha township to the Maasai Craft Market to buy some gifts.

We had lunch next door with the Brownings, Shirley, and some of the leaders of the Anglican church here in Arusha.

Bishop Stanley Hotay with Andrew and I.

This afternoon Cath and I went for a walk around Kwa Iddi, lead by Oliver. He showed us the way to a quarry which is quite near our house.

The work that was going on in the quarry was awe inspiring. Hard, back breaking work. The women were breaking up stone by hand, and then incredibly carrying bags of it on their heads, out of the quarry onto the ridge above, where it was dumped.

Older women were then using metal pipes to continue to break down the stone into smaller pieces, approximately the size of a matchbox. I didn't take a photo as I sensed the women were curious, but wary, of our presence.

Andrew, Cath and the kids are now crowded around a small screen watching (and laughing at) Napoleon Dynamite. Thanks Cath for bringing it with you!

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