Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Looking around Simba Farm

The farm has beef cattle (I think the breed is Zebu), and a few that are milked to make yoghurt and cheese.
These calves were waiting for their mothers to come back in from a day of grazing.

The older cattle returned for the evening.

Willem drove us around the farm to look at what was being grown and harvested.

The farm produces beans that are exported to Europe, as well as being sold locally.

Wheat and barley is also grown. The barley is exported for use by brewing companies.

We walked to the top of a hill on the property to have drinks and snacks.

We had a 360 view of the countryside, and enjoyed watching the mountains (Kilimanjaro, Meru and Longido) and plains change in the sunset.

Kilimanjaro became clearer as the sun went down. The range in front of Kili is the Shira Plateau.

Willem manages the growing of the vegetables on the farm.
The vegetables are bought by different safari lodges, and Yoka has a shop front in Arusha where they are available for sale.
Below is the cool room where the vegetables and herbs are being sorted. The walls are made of charcoal and have water dripping down through them. As the breeze blows through the walls the space inside is kept cool.

Just about every vegetable imaginable is grown on the farm.

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  1. Such great photos! a beautiful land.... the kids are currently loving Veggie Tales 'Song of the Cebu' (or Zebu) we had just looked up what a Cebu was, and then there was your post!