Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Inside our house

As promised, here is a tour of the inside of our house.

Possibly the first thing you would notice if you walked in our front doors, besides the security bars if you were not used to them, are the wooden ceilings and the rather large chandelier in our lounge room.

Stephanie has done such a beautiful job fitting out the house ready for us to live in. She had the lounges that were in the house reupholstered, and covered the windows with tasteful curtains.

She bought the dining setting from some expats who were returning home.

I made some curtains and bunting for the kitchen from a kitengi - a cotton fabric with a wax print popular in East Africa.

I'm sure the shelving in the kitchen pantry were installed by someone who didn't cook.

This is our back room that contains the fridge, microwave, water filter and bins. Our laundry is out the back door - sorry no photographs of that.

I also made a bedspread out of vitenge (plural of kitenge).

We have an en suite consisting of a bath/shower and toilet.

This is Oliver's room.

And this is the girl's room.

There is a bathroom off the lounge room, situated between the kids bedroom. It has two separate rooms - one with a toilet and the other with a shower.

It is a lovely house, tiled throughout, and we are very lucky to be able to live in it, and have such a helpful landlord and guards who help with all sorts of problems - mainly lack of water or electricity.


  1. Very excited to take a visual tour! Looks amazing :) And I literally LOL'd at the pantry shelves!

  2. Yay, you have an en suite. You must be so excited.

  3. Thanks Jen. It's fun to see where your're living. A great place.

  4. Wonderful to be able to imagine you there, Jenny. It's lovely.

  5. Wow Jenny, you have the house looking lovely, a real home. I hope you are all still enjoying the experience.

  6. Annie and i think this is wonderful! we can see you all living in the rooms xo