Tuesday, August 14, 2012

From Arusha to Simba Farm

Photos taken from the car window as we drove out of Arusha on Saturday morning, and headed to Simba Farm, West Kilimanjaro.

The greener side of Mt Meru.


Below: (middle) rice growing, (bottom) flower growing greenhouses

Below: heading down towards the plains

At the turn off for Kilimanjaro International Airport.

Below: stopping for morning tea at Boma Ng'ombe

Turning off the main highway towards Sanya Juu.

Below: (middle) grain drying in the sun

Sanya Juu

Below: roadside tailor

Heading towards West Kilimanjaro.

Above: eucalypts
Below: arriving at Simba Farm (after being lost and driving around for quite a while!)

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