Tuesday, August 28, 2012

First day of school... me... and Oliver & Andrew

Today was our first day.
Wow! I have forgotten how tiring it is to teach small children.
They are active, and there are so many lesson changes in a session.
However, despite my feeling of weariness now, the day went really well.

I really enjoyed Magdalena's music and Swahili lessons. The students made their own percussion instruments to use with the songs.

And an update on the girls...
They are OK. They were exhausted after arriving home yesterday, and had an early night.
Today they have arrived home and are straight into their homework.
Both have made some friends (although Maddie can't remember how to pronounce the names of some of hers).

Thanks for all the lovely messages over the past few days.


  1. Love those percussion instruments! Well done on all the first days!!

  2. Just fantastic! What are the children's names so I can pray for them.