Sunday, July 8, 2012


I have had quite a variety of shopping experiences so far. The mangoes below were bought out of the car window whilst we were in Arusha town, and the tomatoes below from a seller on the side of the road about 50 metres from our place. The local produce is very cheap to buy - 10 tomatoes for 1000 shillings (about 60c). The cheese I bought at Meat King, a South African butcher and delicatessen.

Something I remember from my childhood is powdered milk. Fresh milk is not available, so we have been using UHT cartons for cereal and coffee, and I like the powdered stuff in my tea. I don't mind it on cereal either. We can buy cereal at Shoprite, a supermarket chain found here.

And look what else I found at Shoprite - Mum, I bet you didn't get this in your day!

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