Thursday, July 12, 2012


Today we did a lovely thing - we had a tour of Shanga and then had lunch at the River House.
Shanga is a business that uses recycled materials to create beautiful home wares, jewellery, Christmas decorations, bags etc., and all the products are made by Tanzanians with disabilities.
I fell in love with the place.

The ground around Shanga is strewn with broken, coloured glass. It is very pretty.
We watched wine bottles being made into beads in furnaces.

And scraps of aluminium melted down and poured into sand moulds to create shapes for mobiles, serving spoons and bracelets.

There were seed beads being threaded in intricate patterns and designs.

And glass blowing, using the old wine bottles again, to create glasses and vases.

The glass is crushed by hand into finer and finer pieces for use.

Shanga has a shop on the property, and also one in Arusha city. I am really keen on taking the chandelier below home with me one day.

Beautiful fabrics are woven by hand.

After our tour we had pre-lunch drinks on the lawn.

In the restaurant the chef gave us an explanation of the local Tanzanian food we were going to eat.

William and Oliver got a chance to stir the ugali (a staple here made of corn meal).

Lunch was delicious, and the kids really enjoyed eating the local food. Even the banana stew was nice - I was surprised as it can be fairly tasteless.

It was lovely to have such a treat. The kids appreciated it - they have been so patient driving here and there getting all the official things done for the school.


  1. What a lovely day! Makes for a nice read before I hop into bed.

  2. Replies
    1. I know. You will love it. Definitely a place to go when you come over.

  3. Jenny you have found paradise! This is a place tailor made for you!
    How much is the chandelier? I love the look of the beads.

    1. There are so many places I am finding I don't think we will fit them all into one weekend Cath.

  4. I love the bright orange feather thing! The beads are amazing too! Don't forget to have someone take photos of you too!! Everyone is looking more relaxed and much less stressed!
    Loving all the updates!

  5. Looks like shopping heaven. I might just pop over, Kev's ok with it, I am sure I can convince Ann!!!! Keep safe and enjoy.