Friday, July 6, 2012

Settling In

Above are the gates to the house where we are living. The Brownings also live on the property in the house next door, as does the landlord in another dwelling.
Yesterday we walked up to see the school house for the first time.
Below is part of our street (the smooth part!!) that leads up the school. It is a lovely 5 minute walk that passes corn fields and other houses.

Stephanie has had a lot of tradesmen (fundi) working on the property, installing a kitchen, new windows, water tanks, and working in what will become the playground.

Below you can see the new grass that is being planted and the hole for the trampoline that is going in.

One thing that has struck me about Arusha, besides the dust, is the amount of traffic as you drive into town.
And it is crazy traffic!! Motorbikes weave in and out on either side, and the dala dalas (minivan buses) pull out whenever they want to. It is not unusual to have vehicles passing you on either side of the car.

Oliver bought himself a wire car at the markets. I insisted on visiting the craft markets - Andrew was not happy, and the kids just didn't know what to do as they were CONSTANTLY harassed to buy things. I bought some fabric to make some curtains for our kitchen and dining room, and Oliver was pleased as he got a 'good price' for the car.

Below are some street scenes as we drove through Arusha yesterday.

There are lots of thorn trees as you drive out of town. I love their yellowy trunks and branches. We stopped near some that were full of spider webs.

We stopped to take a photo of Mt Meru during the late afternoon. It is magnificent.


  1. Wow, it's so good to see some pic's of where you are living & the school & Arusha : ) makes it all seems more real...Philly xx

  2. Hi Jennifer Jane, A great adventure. To think, only a few days ago we were in Denistone enjoying a wet and cold Sydney winter. Much love Al and Rob

  3. Just knew you'd find the fabric for curtains! I laughed at the comment about the mini bus...sounds like the way I used to drive the church van so Andrew should be used to that! Can't wait to see the transformation of the school!