Wednesday, July 18, 2012

School house update

Oliver worked hard today, transporting plants up the school grounds using a wheelbarrow.

Lauren and Christopher played on all the building equipment.

In Arusha there are lots of plant nurseries along the side of the roads, with thousands of plants to choose from. You can buy seedlings, right up to fully grown trees. The plants are all in recycled plastic shopping bags or bags that have been used for sand or cement.

The climbing equipment has been finished.

Stephanie and I decided where to plant what, and then set out the plants ready to be dug in.

We chose to paint the door and window frames black - it is looking very smart.

I love the painter's ladder.

Look at the dust caked on the foliage of the plants down the street. I thought it was going to rain today and got a bit excited but it didn't come to anything. Just a couple of drops to make the dust on the windscreen stick further.

We went shopping for some more books for the school today as well. There was a family selling a whole lot of children's books that were really cheap.
There are always people coming and going in Arusha, and therefore a lot of stuff being sold before they move on.


  1. The school is looking great! Lots of hard work being put it.

  2. Looking great, the black frames looks very smart & i love that ladder too.

  3. I can't wait to see what it looks like when all the plants are established.

    Go Oliver for all his hard work with the wheelbarrow.

  4. Plants at the side of the road for husband is NOT going to Tanzania!