Wednesday, July 11, 2012

School house update

The new front doors have been installed in the front of the house and are now awaiting glass to be put in.

The play equipment is also almost finished. The carpenter working on it was very keen to have a photo taken today.

Stephanie has been busy checking all the work that the fundis have been doing, making sure it is done properly. Below she is checking the toilet that has just been built for the guards, and the desks that have been made for the school.

The school is very dirty with all the concrete mess, broken glass etc which is left over from all the building work. It will need a good scrub soon.


  1. Wow it's looking great! I find the door in the last photo very disturbing!

  2. Just in time for me to arrive and help with the clean up!

  3. The school looks great, I love the playground being built & the school desks look good. But yes, lots of cleaning there to be done. You need a working bee - good on you Cath Bradshaw for going to help : )

  4. Wow. You guys are amazing. I hope I get to visit and help out.