Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Our street

Below are some pictures taken at the entrance to our street. We are living in a village area called Kwa Iddi. If you look closely in the last photo you can see the goat meat hanging in the butchers shop.
The corner of our street is a hive of activity. There are so many dala dalas and motorbikes that wait there for customers, and the shops always have lots of people milling around - not sure if they are buying or just having a gossip.

At the moment the main road out of town is being upgraded, with drainage ditches dug and lined with concrete and stone. This has just about reached our street turn off.

This morning we gave one of the fundis (the carpenter who has made some desks for the school) into town to help buy paint for the school house.


  1. The van looks great from the inside!

    1. It is great. We are so lucky. The man who sold it to Stephanie was very proud of all its inclusions, including an icemaker, which we have since discovered does not work.

  2. I really look forward to these updates. I always check to see if anything new has been posted.