Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Our newish car

Stephanie bought a vehicle for us to use - a 1993 Toyota diesel 4WD that seats 8. It is great!
We haven't got our drivers licences yet so are not able to drive on the main roads. The process of obtaining a licence may be a long process, lining up at a couple of offices etc., and we need some sort of documentation saying that we will be in Tanzania for awhile (our work visas are still in the pipeline). Stephanie is going to ask the man who sold her the car to come with us to speed up the process as he knows people who work in the said offices.

The government here wants all school vehicles to be painted yellow. There are lots and lots of bright yellow mini-vans and buses driving around with school names painted on the sides.

We are hoping to be able to have some other sort of signage on the side of our car that will help with us passing through police checks. Whenever we have driven into town there have been police checks, but Stephanie gets waved on when they see the hospital stickers on the doors of her car.


  1. Good luck with the signage! Ann & Ross C3 Miranda

  2. Wow, it even has curtains. Cool man!

  3. All that driving of the church van has given Andrew lots of practice!

  4. Nice! Is that Andrew burning it up in the second one?!