Saturday, July 21, 2012

Meserani Snake Park and shopping for plants

Today, whilst Andrew watched a rugby game at a local bar with satellite TV, AB took the kids to the Snake Park.

Oliver was brave enough to hold one of the creatures... the girls were not.

The park had a Maasai cultural museum as well, which judging from the talk at the dinner table tonight, the kids really enjoyed.

They also enjoyed a camel ride.

There were a couple of school groups there as well (yes, school on a Saturday!). I loved this photo of Christopher with some of the school children.

Meanwhile, Stephanie and I spent the day buying plants for the school playground.

We made two trips, the van full of vegetation.

Richard B would certainly love the plant nurseries here.


  1. how brave, a snake around his neck! Camel riding looks fun too.

  2. Jenny - we visited the snake park after reading this post and was not disappointed. Shook hands with the friendly monkey !!! The bar was terrific and we got some nice pictures there !