Saturday, July 28, 2012

Maji Moto springs

Today we spent exploring some of the country side outside of Arusha. We had heard of Maji Moto (literally 'hot water') springs and set about finding them. 

You can click on the map for a clearer view.

The drive took about an hour and a half from Arusha, out past the Kilimanjaro Airport, and into the middle of nowhere.

After we turned off the main road and had been driving for about 20 minutes we were worried that we were lost. We pulled up beside a man on a motorbike who offered to show us the way.

The road was really rough, and we wouldn't be able to do it in the wet season in our van.
After some worry that the guy on the bike was actually taking us to the right place, we arrived in a little oasis.
The trees were testament to how many people had been swimming there in the past.

The spring water was clear and warmish.

Oliver loved the rope that swung out over the swimming hole.

By late afternoon, on our way home, we had some great views of Mt Kilimanjaro.

It was a fun day out, and the kids are keen to go back again and again despite the long drive.


  1. love these photos, looks like a great day.

  2. Oh wow! It looks absolutely amazing there. The kids look gorgeous and like they are having such a nice time : )

  3. Did you swim? Everyone is looking relaxed and happy. You must all be feeling like you're accomplishing good things. The photos are wonderful. What great memories you're creating!!

  4. Hi Jenny, I'm Janice from Fairymeadow church with your Mum and Dad. Jeff and I hosted the American Lunch your Mum and Dad came to a couple of weeks ago (if they mentioned it). I have been following your Blog and your mum just forwarded me your latest letter to read. We have 4 daughters and moved to Grafton in Northern NSW when the children were small. I know it wasn't Africa but I know what it's like to be away from the larger family support network. It brought our children closer together and they are now great friends with each other now that they are having their own children.
    It will be a fantastic experience for your children. We pray for your safety, your ministry and your relationship. God bless you all.

    Janice Kingman

  5. HI Jenny and Andrew, That surely looks like a great day. And that pool looks a great swimming hole. Even the trip home past Mount Kiliminjaro looks a real treat.
    I've just got home from Pakistan on Saturday. You may have noticed that you had a visitor to your blog from Pakistan a couple of weeks back.I was up to my ears in work then so didn't post a comment. But I'll look forward to reading your blog and keeping some of the oldies at St Phil's up to date with your news. Although most will already know, I'm sure. May our Lord continue to be with you all.

  6. How extraordinary, the drive out, the water hole, the onlookers (oh how that brings back memories!!) and the stunning views on your way back. Rich and glorious! (apart from the onlookers!!)

  7. Wow that look wonderful. You don't look like you are missing us at all. I hope I get over there before you all come home.