Thursday, July 19, 2012

Local snacks

If you are looking for a snack in Tanzania, these are two things you will find for sale on the side of the road.

The first is roasted peanuts, usually rolled in a piece of paper as shown below.

The second is umbuyu (sometimes mabuyu or mbuyu). It is the fruit pulp from the baobab tree that has been dyed hot pink, and often coated in sugar. The kids and I have been eating it each night after dinner. It is a little tart (hence the sugar added) and is full of vitamin C.

When I was a child I remember eating it in its pure form, as seen below.


  1. Doesn't Andrew like the umbuyu? Is there chocolate somewhere for Lauren?

    1. No. Andrew is not keen on them. Lauren seems to have a chocolate radar. If there is any in the vicinity she will find it - we have had many stern words in shops about the high cost of chocolate and how she can't buy another block.