Monday, July 9, 2012

Lake Duluti

Yesterday AB took the kids fishing at Lake Duluti, located about 12km east of Arusha.
Lake Duluti is a volcanic crater lake that is fed by underground springs. It is a popular place for fishing (or was... apparently it has been all fished out now) and bush walks. You can't swim in the lake as it contains bilharzia.

Although no fish were caught, except tiny ones in the net, the kids enjoyed the experience. William was very disappointed however - he is used to catching something.

After we had finished at Lake Duluti we went looking for some grass to plant in the school house playground. Stephanie is wanting a particular grass that is soft and thick that she has seen at a few houses around Arusha. You can't buy lawn, so we were hoping to be able to ask some people who live out of town for some of theirs. Unfortunately no-one was home so we came away empty handed.
However, driving to their property we did see some beautiful wildlife.

Andrew, unfortunately caught some sort of bug on Saturday, and so had to stay home close to the bathroom all day. Pole sana Andrew (very sorry Andrew).


  1. Looks like you guys are doing lots of fun stuff and really getting to see the area a bit : )
    Philly xx

  2. Of course I had to click on the link to more info on bilharzia. Fascinating stuff. I will be google earthing you myself to see what I'll be seeing when I come over. Glad you're having such a good time. xxx

  3. I decided not to click on the link about I am arriving soon I think ignorance may be bliss. I just know...don't swim in lake! much love.
    Cath x