Thursday, July 5, 2012

First Day in Africa

After a two very long flights, where our inflight screens did not work on either (!!!), we arrived in Africa. Nairobi airport in Kenya to be precise. At this stage we were all feeling a little over the experience, and I was desperate for a shower.

We boarded Precision Air (by far the nicest flight of all) to fly to Mt Kilimanjaro airport in Tanzania.

We had great views of Mt Kilimanjaro as we flew over,  Kilimanjaro rising like Olympus above the Serengeti... (that one is for you Heather)

Tanzania was a beautiful patchwork from the plane window.

After the Brownings collected us at Kilimanjaro airport we stopped at the Mt Meru Game Sanctuary for lunch. Oliver enjoyed feeding an eland flower petals.

We were so tired after travelling for so long, Oliver and Lauren fell asleep at the table of a cafe last night and we could not wake them up to eat their food.


  1. What? No inflight entertainment! Didn't you already have your movies picked out? It's pretty sad without you around but I feel cheered up by these photos. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Yay!!!! :) :) Love the Fundock Pocknalls xx

  3. Fantastic! Wow home for the next few years- you did well to get this photos up- the travelling sounds exhausting.

  4. Thanks for the update, we have been waiting to hear how you all are and glad that you arrived safely. Annie has been asking after Maddie and really enjoyed Skyping with her. looking forward to your next post, God Bless xoxox

  5. Am sorry about Oliver's bag! hope you got it back. keep us updated.
    Can't wait to see you! Let me know what I can bring the kids.
    Bringing Audrey for you! Love Cath xxx

  6. oh and some hair colour too!!!