Sunday, July 15, 2012

Arusha National Park

Saturday afternoon saw us take a drive through Arusha National Park. Although it wasn't teaming with wildlife we did see some animals, and the scenery was beautiful.

We saw lots of zebras, water buck and baboons.

The lakes usually are awash with flamingo, but not for us - maybe they all migrate elsewhere at this time of the year.

We stopped at Hatari Lodge for afternoon tea. We were very impressed with the walk way leading to some deck chairs over one of the grassy areas. I could definitely see myself sitting there with a drink in the evening.

There were a couple of warthogs over the edge of the cafe that kept the kids interest.

Mt Meru was shrouded with clouds all day, but from this side of the mountain (we live on the opposite side) Little Meru was in sight, as you can see below.

On our way back from Hatari Lodge we were very excited to see giraffe. Maddie was especially excited as it has been her dream to see some close up since arriving.

As we were leaving the park Oliver's very keen eyesight picked up the fact that we could very vaguely see Mt Kilimanjaro through the clouds. If you peer very closely you may be able to see it below.


  1. My goodness! How beautiful Jenny! I must say you guys look 'to the manor born' Tanzania suits you.
    I can see you and me on the deck at sunset!

  2. How cute are those giraffes?!
    I love these photos, especially the composition of the one with the animal skull in the foreground.