Sunday, May 27, 2012

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Photos from Stephanie

This afternoon we received a letter from Stephanie, containing some photos on discs. I thought I would share some of them so you know who I am talking about when I say we are going to work with her.

Stephanie and Christopher eating out in Arusha - apparently there are lots of great places to eat.

Stephanie and William on his first day of school in Arusha. William's school is closing in June, so we will be there in time to take over with his education.

Around William's school - in the classroom & during a sports day.

Andrew (Stephanie's husband) with one of his cured patients and her baby. Andrew is a surgeon working in quite a few locations around northern Tanzania & into Kenya.

A street scene in Arusha, Mount Meru in the background.

Magdlena, who is going to be teaching Swahili and music with us. I am really looking forward to meeting her.


I had rather a long appointment with our doctor yesterday, organising the injections we need before leaving (thanks Brent!).
39 between us!!
Not looking forward to them... and more to the point, not looking forward to taking the kids for them!

Turns out I'm going to be jabbed more than anyone else though :(

Yellow Fever
Hepatitis A & B
Meningococcal (different strains to the ones the kids are immunised against in Australia)
Cholera (oral medication from memory - yay!)

And of course there will be the ongoing Malaria tablets.